Upcycle Sustainable CBD Bottles

Sustainable CBD is committed to environmentally friendly businesses practices from start to finish. Our farm utilizes a solar array, rain water reservoir, and geothermal heating and cooling to ensure our crops have a negligible impact on the environment. Even our packaging is recyclable, but there’s more you can do with an empty bottle of Sustainable CBD oil.

You can upcycle your bottles by turning them into mini vases. Add a little brightness to your home with wildflowers from outside, fresh cut flowers from your local garden, or even pick up faux flowers for never ending beauty. Follow the steps below to repurpose your bottles:

1. Peel away the label. Don’t worry about getting it completely off, the next step will help remove any residual stickiness.

2. Soak the bottle(s) overnight in a bowl of warm soapy water.

3. Remove the bottle from water and wash off any remaining pieces of the label.

Now you’re ready to add your desired plants or flowers of choice. If you want to dress up the bottles even more, paint the outside or add a ribbon. Share your upcycled bottles with us on social media!

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