The Importance of Organic Hemp Farming

Did you know that Sustainable CBD’s farm in Salem, Alabama is USDA Organic Certified? As a certified company, we must follow strict regulations which aim to increase sustainability, ecological balance, and biodiversity. Organic hemp farming has a tremendously positive impact on not only the environment, but also consumers.

Environmental Benefits

Farming organically is much safer for the environment as there is no use of chemicals or other harmful materials posted by the USDA. Simply put, good crops come from good soil. Our soil is carefully mixed to bolster healthy plant growth for both in-ground and container grown hemp, turmeric and ginger production.

We use natural products such as locally sourced compost, biochar and worm castings to increase the diversity inside our living soil. The soil and microbial life that flourish within, provides nutrients and protection for our crops. This creates a thriving environment for our plants and sustains a thriving environment for our ecosystem, for ourselves and for future generations.

Hemp is an attractive rotation crop for farmers. When crops, like hemp, are grown organically, they can improve the soil for the next cultivation. As it flourishes, hemp breathes in CO2, detoxifies the soil, and prevents soil erosion. Also, the remains after harvest, break down into the ground, thereby providing valuable nutrients into the earth. Our hemp is grown and processed without synthetic fertilizer, synthetic pesticides, prophylactic antibiotics, or hormones.

Consumer Benefits

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means it absorbs substances from the ground it is grown in. Due to this nature of hemp, it was used to clean contaminated soil from one of the most horrific nuclear disasters the world has ever seen - Chernobyl. This powerful plant can absorb and pull toxins up through its roots where it stores or transforms pollutants. It is critical to know where your hemp derived products like CBD are sourced from and know that it was not grown in contaminated soil. Infused oils, supplements, tinctures, and topicals may be toxic to your body if the hemp used to make such consumable products was contaminated. By farming organically, Sustainable CBD ensures our hemp is free from potentially toxic heavy metals found in the ground; and this is certified through independent lab testing.

Naturally, superior products come from organically grown crops. What you put in your body is your fuel, and USDA Certified Organic products are the highest quality fuel your body can use. Caring consumers can not only nourish their own body with our organically grown hemp, but prolong the life expectancy of our planet.

Using certified organic hemp is not only beneficial to the planet, but is also important to consumers’ health. Our organic certification means that you can purchase Sustainable CBD products with confidence that what you’re receiving is safe and eco-friendly. All of our CBD products are grown, harvested, extracted, and bottled in American owned and operated facilities.

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