Sustainable CBD’s THC Remediation

Sustainable CBD protects customers from unwanted compounds such as THC, by removing it from each of our CBD products.

What is THC Remediation?

THC remediation is the process of removing the psychoactive cannabinoid molecule, THC from hemp-derived CBD products. Developed scientific methods and equipment precisely targets THC molecules and removes it, leaving only purified oil that keeps the original plant profile with various cannabinoids.

Why is THC Remediation Important?

Hemp plants produce a small amount of THC naturally —however, in order to sell legal CBD, companies must ensure THC remains below a certain level. The maximum legal limit of THC in hemp-derived CBD products is .3%, meaning that any products over the legal limit is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. For Sustainable CBD, removing the THC from our products is so important because it makes our products available for customers who want to use CBD, but are sensitive to THC or have a fear of testing positive on drug tests for THC. Each of our products, including our dog formula, remediates the THC to non-detectable levels, so you can receive the benefits of CBD without the drawbacks of THC.

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