Not All CBD is Made Equally

Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or not, you have probably heard that the CBD market is still largely unregulated.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been tasked with regulating the CBD industry, the agency has repeatedly said that it will not issue regulations until it receives more data on the safety of CBD for consumers. Unfortunately, many companies are exploiting this lack of guidance to sell products with contents that are very different from what is claimed on the label.

A recent report published by the FDA has highlighted the growing need for regulations. The FDA found in 102 products listing CBD as an active ingredient, less than half (45%) contained the actual amount of CBD claimed on the label. Further, two of the products tested contained no CBD at all. Even more startling, the FDA found that nearly half of the products reviewed contained higher levels of THC than what was claimed on the label. THC is a psychoactive substance that can produce psychoactive effects and cause consumers to test positive on drug tests.

Just last week, the FDA issued a recall on a batch of CBD oil from a Florida company after a state agency tested the product and found that it contained dangerous levels of lead, a toxic substance.

These findings highlight the critical importance of buying CBD from a reputable and transparent brand, like Sustainable CBD.

As the first Alabama farm to industrially grow hemp, we pride ourselves on setting the highest industry standards for high quality CBD products. As a farm to shelf company, you never need to worry about the safety of our products. We organically grow and process our products to ensure the highest quality CBD is delivered to our customers.

We also have the contents of our products verified through third-party lab testing.This ensures that there are absolutely no harmful pesticides, byproducts, or THC in any of our Sustainable CBD products.

You can find our certificates of analysis on our website, so you can feel confident you’re going to get a quality, safe, and legal CBD product.

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