Mini Collection of Uplifting Poems

Stress Awareness Month, observed in April since 1992, serves to increase public awareness about the causes and cures for stress. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to permeate the nation, everyone feels increased stress. Too much stress can overwhelm your body be detrimental to your emotional and physical health. Balancing stress is the key to living the most productive and happy life.

To help ease your stress, Sustainable CBD has extended its site wide discount through the month of April. In addition, Sustainable CBD recently teamed up with Georgia artist, Haley Salie, to create a family friendly coloring book. This allows customers to relieve their stress in a creative way.

In celebration of Stress Awareness Month, Sustainable CBD has teamed up with a Florida artist, Lauren Michelle, to create a mini-collection of poems, which consists of six uplifting poems. Reading poetry reduces stress by taking your mind off daily stressors. Reading also reduces your heart rate and lessens muscle tension. Check out Lauren Michelle’s mini-poetry book that offers insightful poems to ease your mind and uplift your spirits here.

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