Managing Back Pain from Golfing

Back pain from golfing is one of the most common complaints of frequent players. With quarantine causing many people to spend more time at home, you may not be in tip-top golfing shape and your back is the first to let you know it! Here are a few tips to help you manage your back pain from golfing.

Eat Right for Your Game

Often times, back pain from golf is caused by inflammation. Poor nutrition can make it worse. The food you eat impacts your mobility and energy levels. Many unhealthy although delicious foods, promote free radicals in the body which can increase inflammation. Balance out your meal beforehand with foods and supplements high in antioxidants. Many fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries contain antioxidants.

Properly Warm Up

Taking time to warm up is extremely important. This can be especially important if you’ve spent a lengthy amount of time sitting in the car on the drive to the course. Spend a few minutes stretching before you start your practice swings. Once you’re ready, slowly increase the range and speed of your practice swings. You back will thank you later!

CBD Cream for Natural Relief

Our CBD relief cream interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce discomfort through its interaction with receptors. To help speed up the process, our relief cream contains capsaicin to cause a sensation of heat that activates certain nerve cells. With regular use of capsaicin, it affects the neurotransmitter that communicates pain signals to the brain. Thus, reducing the perception of pain to the applied area.

Keep Moving

Between your golf outings, be sure to stay active. There’s no need to become an Iron Man, but keeping to a routine will help your body stay in shape. A simple daily walk outside can make a big difference in alleviating your back pain from golfing. Stretching is another game changer. Adding in daily stretches can go a long ways in keeping your back loose.

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