CBD Oil or Hemp Oil - Is There A Difference?

You bet there is a difference! CBD Oil is derived from the whole plant or "flower" of hemp and contains 80+ cannabinoid compounds - which are proving to be beneficial to several ailments.

Hemp Oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.  There are NO cannabinoids - CBD or THC - in hemp oil. Hemp oil is packed with healthy fats and is often used in beauty products due to it moisturizing attributes.

Hemp oil is produced much like other oils, a cold pressed extract from seeds. CBD oil is produced from the entire hemp plant.

CBD oil and hemp oil are both ingredients used in wellness and beauty products, so accidentally purchasing one product over the other won't necessarily hurt you. However, you will not receive the same benefits that CBD delivers. In order to make sure you are not falling into marketing traps, always check the product label. The key is to know what you're buying.

Sustainable CBD prides itself on its transparency. We provide our customers with the most pure and natural CBD oil products. You can browse our collection here.

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