Alabama State University Students Conduct Research at Sustainable CBD’s Farms

As a farm to shelf business focused on sustainability, we believe in utilizing environmentally friendly practices to produce our products from start to finish.

These values start at our hemp farm in Salem, Alabama. We utilize regenerative agricultural practices to help reverse climate change by rebuilding organic soil matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity.

We seek to create a balanced ecosystem to combat common pest and disease issues instead of using harmful pesticides. Thus, insects like the one pictured are vital to our integrated pest management program to defend our crops from damage.

These little critters have become the center of graduate research for Entomology students and professors from Alabama State University (ASU). ASU graduate students and professors are currently conducting research on insect-plant relationships in hemp and the farm’s soil microbiome.

Farm Operations Manager, Ben Bramlett, obtained his horticulture degree from Auburn University and has continued to work with local university personnel, which has fostered a new relationship with ASU.

“This is the first type of pest research to be conducted in Alabama and it will become an important keystone for us and all other hemp farmers in the industry. It will help us make calculated decisions in pest management and do so in environmentally friendly ways.” -Ben Bramlett, Farm Operations Manager

ASU students visit the Sustainable CBD farm each week to scout and capture insects. This data collection will create a data base of types of insects living on hemp plants and determining whether or not the insects are causing any crop yield loss. This is extremely important because if a plant pest is feeding on plants, but not causing any damage, then these bugs are a factor of the state’s unique ecosystem and no solutions are needed to eradicate the pests. Stay tuned for more information and results on ASU’s student research!

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