6 Sustainable Practices That Set Us Apart

We pride ourselves on having a #sustainable farm because it’s good for you, good for our products, and good for our planet. Here’s 6 ways we keep our farm sustainable.

1) Living Soil:

We carefully mix our soil to bolster healthy plant growth. By using #natural products like locally sourced compost, bichar, and worm castings, we increase diversity in our soil. The flourishing life of our soil provides nutrition and protection for our crops, and sustains a thriving environment for our ecosystem for generations to come.

2) Hoop Houses:

Growing in Hoop Houses allows us to carefully control the plant's growing environment. We can reduce plant disease, insect pressures, pesticide usage and overall leads to a healthier crop.

With the ability to control the environment, there is a vast reduction in pesticide use as compared to field production, as well as a higher quality production and yield.

3) Geothermal Heating and Cooling:

We care about sustainability a ton: 77.5 tons to be exact. That’s the size of our geothermal heating and cooling system. It works by using the thermal gradient present in our water reservoir to efficiently heat and cool our air inside the hoop houses. We create optimal seasonal environments propane-free!

4) Solar:

Our farm uses the bright Alabama sunlight to be used immediately for electrical power all around our facility. This #cleanenergy powers everything: climate controlled storage, onsite living quarters, and even the supercritical CO2 extraction equipment. What about when the sun isn’t out? 8 battery banks that charge during the day are activated to keep things running smoothly.

Everything from our geothermal HVAC system to grow lighting, onsite living quarters, climate controlled storage and even the supercritical CO2 extraction equipment used to make our products uses clean renewable energy.

5) Irrigation:

The sole source of irrigation for our plants is our rain reservoir. This water is pumped at 180 gallons per minute through a set of stainless steel media filters to ensure its cleanliness. Then we use two 100 gpm Dosatron fertilizer injectors which allow us to precisely add our organic fertilizer recipes, microbial inoculants and compost teas to our plants.

Each of our containerized plants receive water via a spray stake placed at the base of the plant. This delivery system drastically reduces the amount of water that would be wasted in an overhead irrigation system and helps us reduce pesticide usage by not wetting the plant foliage.

6) Hemp Varieties Tumeric / Ginger

All of our #hemp varieties were carefully selected to provide the healthiest end product to our customers. Varieties were selected for their high cannabinoid (excluding THC) and terpene content, disease resistance, growth habit and suitability for our climate.

Our turmeric selection was based on 7 years of research trials conducted by Auburn University. Our farm currently maintains the largest stock of this selection of turmeric varieties.

Our ginger is sourced from a certified organic supplier in Hawaii. These varieties include Khing Yai, Bubba Babba and Yellow Hawaiian.

These 6 ways are just some of the highlights of our company’s sustainability dedication. We believe sustainability starts at the source. Our process starts at plant growth, so our sustainability starts at the farm. Learn more about our products, mission, and company at sustainablecbdllc.com

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