5 Tips On How to Productively Work From Home

With stay at home orders affecting the population of many states, millions of people are now telecommuting. Many joys come from working at home, but there can also be many disadvantages such as procrastination and at home related distractions.
You may even have a furry new co-worker!

Working from home can easily blur the lines between work life and personal life – if you work too much, you will have no personal life and vice versa. Here are our top 5 tips on how to maintain a healthy balance while still being productive at home.

  1. Define Your Work Space - Create a temporary, but dedicated work space at home. An effective workspace doesn’t have to be a separate office with its own door. It just needs to be an area so that when you sit down to work, you consciously know that this is where work takes place.

  2. Set Reasonable Work Hours - Make a work schedule and stick to it. If you started at a regular time, end at a regular time. Disconnect from work when you’ve wrapped up for the day. Try not to work or check your email in the evenings. If you think of a pressing issue, write it down and revisit it the next day when you’re back at “work.”

  3. Create Boundaries - Schedule your hours and make sure those at home with you know when you are at work. Unless there is an emergency, make sure they understand that you are not available to do chores, play, or hang out during this time. Otherwise various distractions throughout the day will cut down on your productivity.

  4. Remember to Take a Lunch Break - Set aside 30 minutes to an hour for lunch to help refresh your mind. Although it can be tempting, don’t bring work with you to review on your lunch break. This is the time where you should close your laptop, put away your files and recharge yourself.

  5. Embrace Technology - Stay in contact with your co-workers by using email, text, and video calls. Use video as much as you can for more engaging and communicative interactions. Make time to meet with them on a regular basis and share progress on your projects.

These are just 5 ways you can increase productivity while working from home. Above all else, make sure you end each day with a dose of positivity and gratitude. Try to focus on and appreciate what you accomplished rather than what you failed to accomplish.

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