4 Easy Sustainable Practices You Can Start TODAY!

At Sustainable CBD we are dedicated to sustainable practices, so much so, that sustainable is part of our name! In fact, we’re one of the leading sustainable agriculture farms in the Southeastern United States. But you don’t have to use geothermal and solar energy, like us, to practice sustainability yourself. Here are 4 easy practices you can adopt to help increase your sustainable lifestyle today!

  1. Be conscious about how you use energy at your house! Little things, like unplugging appliances when not in use, turning off the lights when you leave a room, and taking shorter showers can go a long way in conserving resources.

  2. Get rid of your plastics! Single-use plastics can contaminate our environment and are often not recyclable. An easy way to be more environmentally conscious is to use reusable products instead of plastic plates and other plasticware. Using reusable water bottles and bringing reusable grocery bags to the store can greatly decrease your carbon footprint.

  3. Resell or donate items you no longer use instead of throwing them away! Clothes, children’s toys, and other household items can avoid landfills by redistributing them where they can be of use.

  4. Last, but not least, support businesses that practice sustainability. Choosing to purchase from sustainable sources is, in and of itself, a sustainable practice and will encourage other companies to create their products ethically and sustainably.

Together we can all contribute to a healthier, sustainable environment. For more information on how we practice sustainability click here!

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