Our Team

Our team believes in the core values of Sustainable CBD: enriching the lives of our customers through the products we offer. From farm to shelf, our team truly believes in delivering the purest CBD products to our customers. We are proud to locally own and operate our farm in Salem, Alabama. Our farm staff is composed of a diverse set of agricultural experts who provide unique insight and innovation every day. The sales staff works diligently each day to bring our products to the shelves of your local retailers. Behind the scenes, our administrative staff runs the day to day operations. Meet each team member below!

Farm Staff

Sustainable CBD Farm Staff

Ben Bramlett, Operations Manager

Ben obtained his horticulture degree from Auburn University and continues to work with university personnel on crop development at Sustainable CBD LLC. Previously, Ben managed Auburn’s greenhouse based Citrus Budwood Program.  From his education experience to his community service, Ben is deeply passionate about the CBD industry. He was very involved during his degree path, founding The Organic Garden Club at Auburn University and volunteering at Auburn’s Community and Medicinal Plant Garden. He  was also 1 of 5 people selected for the Henry P. Orr Endowment to study Sustainable Agriculture and Rainforest Ecosystems in Costa Rica.

Jared Morgan, Farm Operations

Jared runs farm operations at the Sustainable CBD farm in Salem, Alabama. He is a graduate of the Southern Union Welding Technology Program and has overseen the production of agriculture for the past five years, while the farm was used to grow vegetables. When Sustainable CBD was conceived in July 2019, Jared continued working on the farm, helping transition the crops from vegetables to hemp. He is responsible for farm operations such as operating heavy equipment, irrigation system design, maintenance of equipment, blending soil recipes and crew leadership. Jared enjoys researching and studying how agriculture is constantly adapting and developing new technologies in order to further expand the scope and efficiency of our farm.

Anshu Shrestha, Lead Chemist/Extraction Technician

Anshu currently serves as the lead chemist and processor at Sustainable CBD.  She graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Microbiology and a M.S. in Plant Sciences with a focus in Environmental Science. In addition, Anshu has over 10 years of research experience in STEM related fields at Auburn University, which allows her to utilize her expertise in biomass, equipment optimization, product development, and expanding extraction processes.  She conducts research to improve the quality and efficiency of the lab where a majority of the extraction and utilization processes occur. In her spare time, Anshu gives back to her local community by serving as a writing consultant to help students achieve their goals.